Empty Bowls Fund-raiser

Please help us to get the word out about the Empty Bowls Fundraiser to support the work of the Community Kitchen of Torrington. Empty Bowls will be: Thursday, October 19, 2017 from 5-7:30 PM at the Elks Main Ballroom, 70 Litchfield, Street Torrington. The $20 donation/person entitles the donor to a ceramic bowl (while supplies last), and a bowl of soup and bread donated by area restaurants. Dinner alone is $10/person. Empty Bowls is our major fundraising activity to prepare almost 50,000 hot meals for needy people each year. Also, donations for this event can be mailed to: 

Community Kitchen of Torrington
P.O. Box 852
Torrington, CT 06790.

James ford's reflections on his visit to the chapel of all saints on Sunday, May 14th,

from his blog "Let All Mortal Flesh: A Zen priest attends an Episcopalian Mass"

This past Sunday I attended an Episcopalian mass celebrated in a tiny chapel in West Cornwall, Connecticut.

Eighteen of us gathered there, which I understand to be on the larger side for this little community. The church they usually meet in is under repairs and so we were at a little stone chapel that is the heart place of a retreat center now administered by Trinity Church in Manhattan.

The service itself was Prayerbook Rite II with all that means. For me as a progressive filled with awkward masculine by preference language and as a Buddhist with full on dualistic God out there and you and me, down here theology.

And there were other things happening, as well. There were the people there. I can’t read hearts with any clarity, but it felt the full range of who we are as we come to church was present. Young people maybe there on their own, maybe just to make family happy. Older people, some quite elderly, where the actions of the pews came from decades of practice. Maybe done out of rote, but it looked more like well traveled paths to sacred presence. And a fair number in between, some probably happy to have a service that ends early allowing them to get on with things. Others, I felt, it seemed, filled with other things. Genuinely present. Hope. Longing. Sadness. Joy.

The parade of our human condition in some sacred moment.

A handful of the women there could sing. I mean sing. And they carried the service forward. That was so beautiful.

And, then there was the celebrant. The Reverend Mary Gates is an Episcopal priest, a psychotherapist in private practice, and a Dharma holder in my Zen lineage. A Dharma holder is a person who has been given the first step in the process of dharma transmission. That is she not only has been recognized as seeing into the heart of the matter from a Zen perspective, but has been acknowledged as capable of guiding others on that path.

The truth is that there was little in the service that might raise the eyebrows of any Episcopalian. The silences lingered a bit longer than usual, perhaps. Maybe a throw away line in the homily regarding the shape of incarnation that was resonant with a Zen understanding, but really, even that would likely be recognized by any Eastern Orthodox as within the shared mystery.

And, me, rationalist, Buddhist, and of course cradle Christian with all the complexities of that relationship, there I was.


My experience of that moment was the inbreaking of Heaven, the proclamation of the Pure Land right there in that little stone chapel. The words, well, of course they’re important. However in that moment their meaning was not to be found in a dictionary, but rather as the wings of our hearts longing – all of us, including me.

And then the service worked its way through the acts of a mass to the recalling of Jesus and his disciples gathered in that ancient meal. And finally the consecrated bread and wine were offered to all who were present. Me, I’ve been to many Episcopal services over the years. Episcopalians are without a doubt my favorite Christians. But, I never take communion. As lovely as that tradition is, I always felt just enough of a separation that partaking in that most intimate part of the service never felt appropriate. Not respectful. Not right.

This time was different. Maybe in some degree it was my relationship with the priest. But that hardly would be enough. Something else happened in that little stone chapel in rural Connecticut.

The whole universe was present. All the angels of Western faith and all the devas of the East were present and circling around that little altar that somehow became the navel of the cosmos. And without thinking about it, without worry about theology or proper decorum, without any concern but a longing to come ever closer to the moment of creation, I stepped into that small circle.

Self falls away. Other falls away. In the silence that is left heart sings to heart. Heart reaches to heart. No Buddhist. No Christian. And everything, absolutely every blessing thing is related.

And I received communion.


December jam and cookie sale

Heidi Rose's Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies

Heidi Rose's Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies

The Chapel of All Saints will be offering some late season jams and chutneys at their table.  Items include: Tomato Jam with Currants, Apple Chutney, Apple Jelly with Jameson Whisky, Salsa, Cranberry & Quince Preserves and  Apple Jelly with Chardonnay & Bay Leaf …and more!

New this year… incredible Gingerbread Snowflake Cookies made by master cookie maker Heidi Rose.  This is the first time her cookies have been available for sale on the East Coast (she’s from Portland, OR) so don’t miss this opportunity to see and taste her exquisite handiwork!!

All proceeds are donated to food related charities.


Jam update

The jam sale at the Cornwall Agricultural Fair raised over $4,000, which will be donated to local food banks and other organizations that feed people in need. Several cases of jam are left, so look for notices here to see where they will be sold.

Empty Bowls Fund-raiser

The Community Kitchen of Torrington (a recipient of CAS jam proceeds) will hold the Empty Bowls Fund-raiser Thursday October 20 from 5 PM - 7:30 PM at the Elks Lodge in Torrington. Donation of $20/person includes a beautiful ceramic bowl, created by area high school students, and dinner of delicious soups donated by area restaurants. Discounted family donations are available. Please help us to publicize this event. Empty Bowls is our major fundraising activity to prepare almost 50,000 hot meals for needy people each year. Also, donations for this event can be mailed to: 

Community Kitchen of Torrington
P.O. Box 852
Torrington, CT 06790.



Every summer members of The Chapel of All Saints (CAS) and friends make jams, jellies, relishes, pickles, and other preserves from fresh local produce to sell at the Cornwall Agricultural Fair. All proceeds go to food banks and other organizations that feed people in need.The fair takes place on September 10th on the Green in Cornwall Village. 

There are no stone fruits this year (no peaches, apricots or nectarines) because of the very cold snap we had early in the Spring. Consequently the CAS jammers and friends are bringing back some old favorites and adding some delicious new, soon to become favorite, preserves. Sally and Bob Futh, owners of Starberry Farm in Washington, generously opened their private raspberry patch to CAS pickers, so there will be a wide variety of raspberry offerings. Rhubarb, strawberries and black currants have also been plentiful. In July Patricia Izzo, owner of The Berry Patch in Thomaston, called saying she would like to donate raspberries and black currants to the CAS jam making. Talking with Cornwall resident Barbara Simmons about the beautiful peaches she had found near her other home in Gettysburg, Pennsylvannia, Joanne asked if she could bring some next time she visited, and Barbara donated a bushel of soft ball sized peaches which the team transformed into several peach jams.

It takes a team of people from CAS and the community to produce such an amazing array of preserves: providing produce, transporting raw materials and finished products, and making the preserves in Joanne's or their own kitchens. A big thanks to CAS members and friends: Joanne Wojtusiak, Ann Gold, Franny Taliaferro, Roxana and Ledlie Laughlin, Nora Horan, Hunt Williams, Don Bachman, Joe and Emily Prior, Mary Gates, and Sam and Lynn Waterston. One of the added benefits of our jam making effort is the opportunity to invite members of the community to join in the jam-making. We would like to extend a special thank you to Anita Brean, Nancy & Peter Kalmes and Mary Lee for their unstinting efforts! New jammers, John Miller and Carol Schneider, pitched in this year. Look for Carol's article on the 2016 jam making in the October Cornwall Chronicle.


(NP – No Added Pectin. All items are 8 oz unless noted otherwise.)

  • Seasoned Salt w/thyme, oregano, rosemary & garlic
  • Rhubarb Mint – 4 oz
  • Blubarb Jam
  • Blueberry Jam
  • Adult Blueberry Jam w/star anise, nutmeg, lemons & vinegar
  • Corn Relish
  • Country Ketchup
  • Rhubarb Jam w/ Fresh & Crystallized Ginger
  • Rhubarb Marmalade
  • Rhubarb Jam w/ Lime, Black Pepper & Mescal
  • Pickled Cherry Tomatoes w/ Garlic & Rosemary
  • Seville Orange Marmalade – 8oz
  • Black Currant Jelly
  • Calamondon Orange Marmalade
  • Lower Sugar - Blueberry Jam
  • Lower Sugar – Blubarb Jam
  • Lower Sugar Black & Blue Jam – black currant & blueberries
  • Blueberry Jam w/Cinnamon & Tanqueray Gin – NP
  • Blueberry Jam w/ Coriander & Lime
  • Blueberry Jam w/ Lime
  • Elderberry & Apple Jelly
  • Peach Jam – NP
  • Peach Jam with Cinnamon – NP
  • Peach & Blueberry Jam – NP
  • Peach Jam with Fresh & Crystallized Ginger
  • Peach Jam w/ Pinot Noir
  • Lower Sugar - Peach Jam
  • Lower Sugar – Peach Jam sweetened w/ Honey
  • Spiced Pear Butter – NP
  • Plum Jam – NP
  • Plum Jam w/ Pinot Noir – NP
  • Plum & Apple Jam w/ Vanilla Bean & Star Anise – NP
  • Raspberry & Rhubarb Jam – NP
  • Lower Sugar – Raspberry Jam
  • Seville Orange Marmalade – 12oz
  • Whole Strawberry (organic) & Rhubarb Jam - NP
  • Strawberry (organic) Rhubarb Jam – made w/liquid pectin
  • Strawberry (organic) Rhubarb Jam
  • Dried Cherry Tomatoes in Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 4 oz
  • Watermelon Rind Pickles – 16oz
  • Savory Watermelon Rind Pickles
  • Blueberry Chutney w/currants & onions – 12 oz
  • Gingered Rhubarb Chutney – 12 oz
  • Rhubarb Chutney w/currants & onions – 12 oz
  • Bread & Butter Pickles – 16 oz
  • Dandelion Jelly
  • Raspberry Jam – NP
  • Raspberry Jam w/ Star Anise – NP
  • Pear & Chocolate Jam – NP – 4 oz
  • Raspberry & Chocolate Jam – NP - 4 oz
  • Seville Orange Marmalade – 16 oz
  • Crème de Cassis w/red wine & vodka – 250ml 

Making Plum Jam and corn relish, Sept 3, 2016

Click any on photo for slide show.


November 22, 2015   Cornwall Ecumenical Thanksgiving service at the chapel of all saints

Choral Vespers

in honor of


Cantus Excelsus

Bruce Fifer, Director

Sunday, December 6th, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Chapel of All Saints, Cornwall

at the UCC North Cornwall Meetinghouse, 115 Town Street

Please join us for this beautiful service of

hymns and meditation. Free and open to the public.

Brett Figlewski - Update October 2, 2015

Brett Figlewski is being sponsored by the Chapel of All Saints as a postulant for ordination to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut. Brett preaches when he leads morning prayer, and his sermons have been well received by our congregation. Some of his recent sermons can be found on this site at the following links: Advent 2014, Palm Sunday 2015, September 6, 2015 (Season after Pentecost, Proper 18). His current field placement is with the parish of St. Andrews in nearby Kent, Connecticut, where Brett assists in the varied life of the parish, including liturgical duties, leading monthly bible study, and preaching. 

Update on jam from Joanne Wojtusiak

This year the Chapel offered more than 875 jars of jams, pickles and chutneys for sale!  This was significantly more than we have made in the past, but this year was a particularly abundant one in terms of fruits and berries. For example, last year we had no apricots since a late frost killed all the blossoms; this year we offered 8 different apricot jams and 3 varieties of apricot chutney for a total of over 150 jars of apricot product.

Generous donations of fruits and berries are absolutely critical to the success of our sale and we would like to express particular thanks to Sally and Bob Futh at Starberry Farm in Washington, CT for the peaches, apricots and nectarines they gave us.  They also gave us large baskets of fresh peaches, nectarines and  Honey Crisp apples to sell at the Fair; these fresh fruits added a festive touch to our display table.  Special thanks also go out to Mary Ellen Geisser and Roxana Laughlin for donating black currants, to Julia Scott for her home grown Calamondin oranges,  to Lynn and Sam Waterston for their raspberries and peaches, to Karl & Liz Zimmerman for blackberries and to Lisa Nicholson for rhubarb; we could not do this without your generosity!

One of the added benefits of our jam making effort is the opportunity to invite members of the community to join in the jam-making. We would like to extend a special thank you to Anita Brean, Nancy & Peter Kalmes and Mary Lee for their unstinting efforts!

It was very exciting when a customer came by as we were setting up and she had the cap from a jam jar and announced that her husband had told her to buy all of that particular jam as it was his favorite (Spiced Blueberry & Peach).  It was very rewarding to hear many repeat customers talk about how much they look forward to “stocking up” and how opening up a jar of our jam on a wintry morning is a bit like a breath of spring.

If you did not have an opportunity to buy at the Ag Fair, look for us at the Farmers Market and perhaps the Christmas Fair at the UCC.  We have sold more than $4,800 thus far and we believe this will be our most successful sale ever. Proceeds will be donated to food related charities. Thanks to all who made purchases and, by doing so, are making these contributions  possible.

JAM MAKING, summer 2015

Every summer members of The Chapel of All Saints (CAS) and friends make jams, jellies, relishes, pickles, and other preserves from fresh local produce to sell at the Cornwall Agricultural Fair. All proceeds go to food banks and other organizations that feed people in need.The fair takes place on September 12th on the Green in Cornwall Village. 

Click here to see a list of jam inventory for the 2015 Agriculural Fair. If you would like some set aside, email the CAS webmaster by clicking "Contact Us" on the Contact page.

Joanne with oregano picked at Starberry farm for seasoned salt.

This summer Cornwall celebrated its 275 anniversary with a parade, and Ann and Mary on the CAS "float" shown below featuring our jam making.

Easter sunday

On Easter Sunday worshipers bring potted plants and place them around the altar. After the service, volunteers take the potted plants to residents at Geer Nursing Home in Canaan, Connecticut. There they not only deliver a living reminder of the beauty of God's creation, but also visit with residents.


June 8, 2014 - Chris George, Director of IRIS, speaks at Sunday morning service

At the service on Sunday, June 8, Chris George, Director of IRIS (Integrated Refugee and Immigration Services), spoke on IRIS’s work settling refugees. Following a brief description of his long involvement with refugees, much of it on the ground, in the Middle East and Africa, Chris explained the US government policy on welcoming thousands of refugees each year. He then spoke about New Haven based IRIS, which he has headed since 2005. For more information about IRIS and their amazing success stories settling refugees, please go to their website

Free the Girls bra drive (from a letter to the Lakeville Journal written by Joanne P. Wojtusiak on June 7, 2014)


Five weeks ago the Chapel of All Saints, the Episcopal congregation in Cornwall, set out to collect 500 gently used bras for the organization Free the Girls ( in aid of women who have been victims of sex trafficking. Additionally, the congregation pledged $500 to ship these bras once they were collected.

Traumatized, lacking formal education and anathema in their own societies, victims of sex trafficking are forced to work long hours in menial jobs for little money. Free the Girls helps these women by providing them an inventory of used bras for them to sell. This not only allows the women to make three to five times more money than they would in other jobs available to them, but also the opportunity to set their own schedules giving many the chance to also attend school. This is a first opportunity for education for many of the women, who are often sold as sex slaves prior to their tenth birthdays.

The response to the drive from women across the Northwest Corner has been truly phenomenal. This week we shipped 1,306 gently used bras to Free the Girls. Women not only contributed their own bras, they called their daughters, mothers and friends and asked them to contribute too. One of the most rewarding aspects of the effort has been the incredibly generous response from young women at the local schools of Kent, Millbrook, Westover, Taft, Brooks and Dutchess Day. We received support from so many people that we can’t name everyone individually, but we do want to say a heartfelt thank you to all who contributed. A special mention to Sharon Charde who collected 107 bras at her favorite yoga spot and Carol McCann who collected more than 100 bras from her alteration clients at Kent Fabrics. A special thank you, too, to Joe Pryor who shipped the 197 pounds of bras to Free the Girls in Indiana. Joe’s company, Renwick Fine Art Services, normally ships valuable art work. This week they are shipping a cargo that may not be worth a lot of money, but will be worth a great deal to the women whom Free the Girls aims to support.

In response to the enormous generosity of the larger community, the Chapel of All Saints is increasing its donation to Free the Girls, honoring their request of “a bra and a buck” to cover the cost of shipping the bras to Africa. If you are interested or want to help, donations can be sent directly to: Free the Girls, 1552 Pioneer Trail, Chesterton, IN 46304.

Video of Brett Figlewski's interview

You can watch a video here made by Pam White as part of Brett's successful application to enter the process for aspirants to the priesthood.

Brett Figlewski is sponsored by the Chapel of All Saints as a postulant for ordination to the priesthood in the Diocese of Connecticut. Brett is a Litchfield County native and currently lives in nearby Sharon. He works in New York City as lawyer for victims of domestic violence. He assists our priest-in-charge and leads Morning Prayer once a month. Brett is also an Associate of the Society of St. Francis and a Companion of the Anamchara Fellowship, an Episcopal religious community inspired by early Celtic Christianity.